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PFA Crucible

PFA crucible: soluble PTFE crucible, Teflon crucible, high temperature crucible;...

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PFA crucible: soluble PTFE crucible, Teflon crucible, high temperature crucible;

1, transparent, chemical tolerance and heat stability, can withstand a variety of strong acids, alkali, aqua regia, magic acid, hydrofluoric acid and organic solvents.

2, high thermal stability, good transparency, smooth surface; Coarse and fine design: can make the sample volatilize faster and complete digestion

Or the experimental steps of acid removal.

3, used for sample digestion, acid drive, boiling, drying and other processing, need to be used on asbestos net, do not directly contact with open flame.

4, low precipitation: low metal ion dissolution and precipitation, is the storage of standard materials, strong corrosion, ultra-high purity reagents vessels;

5, high and low temperature resistance: use temperature -200 ~ +260℃; No memory effect;

6, anti-pollution: low metal element blank value is low;

7, suitable for trace, ultra-trace analysis, isotope analysis and other laboratories, in line with the laboratory or testing institutions and medical testing, trace detection and other high standards of experimental equipment, dedicated to trace analysis and containing high purity organic solvents (such as: high purity water, strong acid and alkali, hydrofluoric acid, acetone and other organic solvents, ethanol and other alcohols);


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