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PFA beaker

PFA beaker: soluble PTFE beaker, Teflon beaker, high temperature beaker;1, trans...

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PFA beaker: soluble PTFE beaker, Teflon beaker, high temperature beaker;

1, transparent, with a raised scale, chemical tolerance and heat stability, withstand a variety of strong acids, strong alkali, aqua regia, magic acid, hydrofluoric acid and organic solvents and other chemical solvents; Suitable for the preservation of chemicals and samples;

2, can be autoclaved at 121 ° C (2 bar), according to DIN EN 285. With flanging, it can be used with clamping and moving, it has the effect of dissipating heat and increasing mechanical strength, and the edge has a mouth, which is easy to pour liquid, the use of high purity raw materials, easy to clean, and can be used with our electric heating plate and digester

3, high thermal stability, good transparency, smooth surface;

4, commonly used to prepare strong acid, strong alkali solution, dissolved substances and smaller quantities of substances under normal temperature or heating reaction vessels;

5, low precipitation: low metal ion dissolution and precipitation, is the storage of standard materials, strong corrosion, ultra-high purity reagents vessels;

6, high and low temperature resistance: use temperature -200 ~ +260℃; No memory effect;


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