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FEP separation funnel

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  • Brand RNK
  • Type FEP

FEP separation funnel

Material: polyperfluoroethylene propylene

Also called teflon separation funnel, teflon pear type separation funnel

High temperature: 200-205

Product features:

1. The material has no adhesion and adsorption to the solvent, can be completely empty, the interface is clearly visible

2. Excellent sealing, can prevent the chemicals in the separation funnel permeability is excellent, can prevent the chemicals in the separation funnel infiltration

3. The separation funnel device is easy to remove and clean

4. High transparency, convenient for the user in the actual sample separation, observe the fluid changes in the cavity

5. Valve design: high purity experimental grade ptfe processing control valve, can flexibly control the flow

6. Compared with glass separation funnel, the biggest advantage is that it can separate hydrofluoric acid, and is not easy to damage, can be used for a long time, the inner wall is smooth, does not adhere to any material, cleaning is simple

7. Pollution prevention: the blank value of metallic elements is low, the lead content is less than 10-11 g/ml, and the uranium content is less than 10-12 g/ml

8. Specifications: 125ml, 250ml, 500ml, 1000ml

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