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PFA reagent bottle

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PFA reagent bottle
Material: PFA

Narrow-Mouth Bottles£º30ml¡¢60ml¡¢100ml¡¢250ml¡¢500ml¡¢1000ml

Wide-Mouthed BottleS£º300ml¡¢500ml¡¢2000ml¡¢3000ml
 Performance Characteristic: Good transparency¡¢Strong acid and alkali resistance¡¢low dissolution and precipitation¡¢ low element background.

The PFA reagent bottle can hold the standard elements of low concentration for a long time, which is very suitable for Trace and ultra-trace analysis.

Wide-mouth bottle is used to collect, store reagents or solids, easy to transfer, translucent material visibility is excellent, a variety of sizes are available.

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