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PTFE tweezers

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  • Brand RNK
  • Type PTFE

Polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE) tweezers: high and low temperature resistance (can use temperature between 200 ~ + 250 ), corrosion resistance, surface viscosity, used to clip solar wafers, etc. Have fixed pillar and do not have fixed pillar two kinds. Can be customized according to your needs for a variety of specifications of tetrafluorotweezers. Used for clamping block medicine, metal particles, solar silicon, lithium and so on under harsh conditions. There are types with and without strut, flat head and pointed head.

Fixed pillar: it can prevent that when clamping, it is too hard, it is the dislocation of the fork on the head of the tweezers, which makes the clamping of articles unstable.

No fixed pillar: widely applicable.

Tip: for clamping relatively small samples, such as solar silicon, lithium, and so on

Flat head: it is used for clamping flaky and thin samples to avoid the slide of the sample because of the small contact area during clamping. The head can be made into a toothed shape, it is more convenient and practical to take special samples.

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