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FEP measuring cylinder

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  • Brand RNK
  • Type FEP

 FEP measuring cylinder

Material: polyperfluoroethylene propylene

High temperature: 200-205

Product features:

1. High transparency, the naked eye can see the content of the cylinder product

2. The nozzle has arc Angle pouring design, the liquid will flow smoothly, and the liquid will not drip down the nozzle

3. Strong acid and alkali resistance, can withstand almost all organic and inorganic chemical solvents

4. The graduated lines of the measuring cylinder are evenly distributed and clear and accurate when the liquid is read

5. Compared with the glass measuring cylinder, the biggest advantage is that it can endure hydrofluoric acid corrosiolong time, and it is not easy to be broken and has a long service life

6. It is widely used in key laboratories of colleges and universities, chemical analysis laboratories of national scientific research institutes, isotope analysis, icp-ms analysis and trace and ultratrace analysis, etc

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