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EasyPrep & EasyPrep Plus100mlMicrowave Tubes

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  • Brand RNK
  • Type

Vessel Volume£º100ml
Part #:907575    
Matching instrument model£ºEasyPrep & EasyPrep Plus

Batch Capacity£º1 to 12vessels
Vessel Liner Material£ºTeflon®£¨TFM£©
country of origin£ºmade in China

12 Place EasyPrep & EasyPrep Plus Starter Set, 100mL,TFM

Part #: 432175/144970 

The easiest to assemble vessel for digestion or extraction of plants, vitamins, foods, and many environmental samplesWe are a company that can customize the standard equipment of various manufacturers. At the same time, we promise that the product quality is consistent with the original factory and the cost performance is good


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