DBF series temperature control digital display anticorrosive electric heating plate

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DBF series temperature control digital display anticorrosive electric heating plate
DBF series anticorrosive electrothermal plate is a kind of electrothermal product specially designed for laboratory, which is treated by imported high purity experimental grade PFATeflon fluoroplastic anticorrosive non-stick treatment on the surface of graphite heating plate. It can meet the reagent heating needs of chemical laboratories in physics, chemistry, biology, environmental protection, pharmacy, food, beverage, teaching, scientific research and other industries. At the same time, our company launched a large area of anti-corrosion electric heating plate to meet the needs of large quantities of samples in the laboratory and rapid processing.
Product features:
1. Large area heating plate to meet the needs of rapid processing of large quantities of samples;
2. High purity imported TeflonPFA anticorrosive coating with strong corrosion resistance; And easy to clean, easy to use, long life;
3. The heating speed of the delicate aluminum alloy heating plate is fast and even;
4. Large heating area, can handle multiple samples at the same time, no cross contamination;
5. Split design, the electronic control system can be placed outside the ventilated kitchen to prevent the corrosion of electronic components such as acid gas during the experiment; In addition, the pillar can be replaced with ptfe material to minimize the secondary pollution of metal parts to the sample.
6. Display way has two kinds: one kind is the traditional PID digital display, temperature control precision, temperature control precision: + / - 1 ; Can work for more than 48 hours;
7. Working temperature: room temperature to 200 ~ 220 ; Graphite can reach 300 degrees
8. It can be matched with the following containers: teflon series beaker, crucible, digestion bottle, digestion tube, digestion pot cup, triangular bottle and the same products of various glass series.
9. Tips: the teflon coating on the surface of the heating plate is similar to the coating on the non-stick pan. When using it, users should not touch it with sharp tools.
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