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FEP baylor tube, sampling tube, sampler

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  • Brand RNK
  • Type FEP

FEP baylor tube, sampling tube, sampler

Material: polyperfluoroethylene propylene

High temperature: 200-205

Specification: 1000 ml

Product features:

1. High purity FEP, corrosion resistance and cleanliness. Does not contain any filler and other plastic impurities, the product did not use any adhesive or solvent bonding, ensure the purity of the vessel

2. Each bailer tube underwent stringent leak tests

3. Can be used several times more than a simple cleaning

4. The return ball is locked in place so that it does not roll to the other end of the tube

5. The top and bottom outlet valves and check balls are made of high purity ptfe, and the bottom end is designed as a teflon valve, which can control the sampling amount and is easy to operate

6. The top and bottom are coned to avoid hanging in the well, and the translucent tube allows visible inspection of water or product samples

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