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Acid Still

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Acid Still
I. product introduction
Acid purifier: also known as high purity acid distillation purifier, acid distiller, sub-boiling distillation device, referred to as acid purifier (nanjing - renik - science and technology) is one of the essential products of ultra-purification laboratory, trace analysis laboratory.
Ii. Working principle
Acid purifier is the use of heat radiation principle, the use of environmental protection and energy saving heating plate heating, keep the liquid temperature below the boiling point temperature evaporation, and then its acid vapor condensation to prepare high purity reagent such as high purity water and high purity acid. The metal impurity content can be reduced to 0.01PPB after a distillation of acid with a content of about 10PPB.
Iii. Product description
It can meet the extremely low detection limit requirements of ICP and icp-ms and provide lab-level ultra-pure acid in demanding analytical applications. All containers used are made of Teflon corrosion-resistant and non-adsorbent plastics, which can process common acids in laboratories such as HNO3, HCL and HF. The results showed that the metal impurity content could be reduced to about 0.01PPB after the acid with a metal impurity content of about 10PPB was distilled once. If the requirement for acid is higher, The Times of purification can be increased. Widely used in geological, photovoltaic, quality inspection and other industries trace, ultra-trace analysis.
High purity acid distillation and purification device features
1, acid purifier is the preparation of high purity water and high purity acid or reagent of fluorine plastic instrument, it has advanced technology, reasonable structure, simple installation, (installed in the laboratory kitchen), easy to operate.
2, quartz subboiling distilled water although avoid the pollution of glass impurities, but the price is expensive, easy to break, some strong acid has limitations; Ion exchange water, and organic matter dissolved into organic matter interference.
3, my company's acid purification device adopt ptfe material and FEP reagent bottles, no quartz parts, no pollution and corrosion, greatly reduce the blank value, in the determination of (atomic absorption spectroscopy, gas chromatography, and isotope, icp-ms) trace element and trace organic compounds, is the indispensable equipment of form a complete set.
4, easy to clean, acid purifier, removable cleaning, convenient for practical personnel repeatedly steamed acid, ensure the quality of acid
5, maintenance is simple, after-sales protection, relative to foreign acid purifier, domestic after-sales maintenance is fast and simple, my company acid purifier mostly PTFE material, electronic controller and the main part of the separation, easy to replace damaged parts, relative to the integrated molding instrument, our service life is longer.
6. The product is fully equipped with FEP reagent bottle, PFA beaker, FEP transparent tube and reagent bottle sealing cover. No need to purchase other products.
V. technical parameters
1. Automatic control power, easy to edit temperature control program;
2. Preparation of ultrapure acid (HNO3, HCL, HF) for trace analysis;
3. Adopt high purity TeflonFEP, PTFE and PFA materials;
4. Can remove waste liquid, visible liquid level; All teflon materials;
5. The temperature control precision: + / - 1 , the temperature control range: at room temperature to 200 ;
6. The acid purification process was carried out in a closed environment to avoid secondary pollution of the experimental environment of the instrument itself, and almost no acid gas escaped in the whole process;
7. Add acid continuously and take pure acid; Not afraid of drying, with overheating protection function; No cooling water;
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